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Red Points raised $12M. Samaipata Ventures' first exit. The startup investment landscape in Spain in 2017.

June 25, 2019 • Issue #97

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Startup funding news 💸

  • The startup investment landscape in Spain in 2017: €784 million across 195 rounds
  • Barcelona-based SaaS startup Red Points raised $12 million to help brands beat fakes
  • Satellite startup PLD Space said it plans to raise €8 million this year
  • Valladolid BDi biotechnology group closed a €3.9 million investment round
  • Eyetracking startup Irisbond raised €1.2 million from various investors, valuing the company at €5.7 million
  • LoanBook raised €830,000 to complete 4th investment round on Crowdcube
  • Marketing startup Fulltip raised €595,000
  • Sales and marketing startup indigitall raised €450,000
  • MyPoppins raised €400,000
  • 2017 – the best year in Barcelona startup ecosystem history: overview of all funding rounds

Startup exits 🎊

  • Loogic interviewed Gustavo García, who recently sold 70% of Klikin to Repsol

Investor & accelerator news 🚀

  • Sodexo acquired a majority stake in French online restaurant FoodChéri. Spanish VC firm Samaipata was one of the first investors in the company. Jose del Barrio wrote a post about the deal
  • El Pais published an interesting profile of Juan Roig startup-related initiatives: EDEM, Lanzadera and Angels Capital
  • Through various vehicles, Telefonica has increased by 6.7% the number of startups it has invested in in 2017
  • Do Spanish startups pay back loans from ENISA? An interesting analysis in Merca2
  • El Referente interviewed Luis Gosálbez, founder of law firm Metricson
  • Beer brand Damm is a new official partner of BCN Tech City

Startup news 💡

  • One of Hawkers shareholders was found guilty of participating in ilegal car races in Elche and sentenced to two years in prison
  • Car rental startup Bipi to launch in Lisbon and Paris in the first semester of 2018
  • Edtech startup Ironhack announced last week a partnership with Forocoches to offer a limited number of scholarships. The announcement ended up sparking a significant controversy due to the association between both brands given Forocoches reputation
  • El Confidencial published a profile of various ‘ghost restaurants’, food delivery businesses that operate on top of platforms such as Deliveroo or Just Eat
  • The Next Web interviewed Jaime Sanchez-Laulhe, CEO and founder of Geoblink
  • Various traditional Barcelona-based markets to start selling via Ulabox
  • El Mundo wrote a profile of Iker Marcaide and his latest initiative: an eco-friendly neighbourhood in Valencia
  • Startup Galicia is a new initiative to bring together the Galicia startup ecosystem, including a newsletter to keep to up to date with what’s going on in the region

Big (foreign) company news 🏦

  • Car2go (Daimler) closed 2017 with 2.9 million clients, 190,000 in Madrid
  • Barcelona welcomes ‘I Got Games’ 1st European expansion out of China
  • Deliveroo says it has helped create 520 jobs in the Spanish restaurant sector
  • NBA team Dallas Mavericks hired a Spaniard to lead its eSports effort

Interesting reads 🤓

  • Cinco Días: ’Why 2018 could be the year for the Spanish fintech industry
  • Kippel01: ’From Facebook to Telefonica: who are the main players in the Spanish sports industry?’
  • Ecommerce continues to grow in Spain, reaching €7.3 billion in the second quarter of 2017, according to the CNMC
  • The Spanish videogame industry accounts for 0.11% of Spain’s GDP. The Spanish government also announced last week €6.25 million in grants for gaming studios and other entities associated to the industry
  • Barcelona wants to become the European hub for the expansion of 5G technologies
  • Xataka: I have €1 million in bitcoins, what can I expect from the Spanish tax office?
  • Carlos de Otto wrote a post about his experience creating and building