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“I read the news so you don’t have to.”

Jaime Novoa

VC at K Fund

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News about the Spanish tech and startup ecosystem are spread across multiple publications and journalists that cover the sector.

There’s not a go-to-publication that you can visit to read about the local startup market. I started Dealflow because it filled a need that I had, and slowly but surely I discovered that this is also a common need for a lot more people.

With Dealflow I offer a manual curation of the week’s most relevant articles, delivered to your inbox every Monday morning in one single and easy-to-read email.

Most people consider newsletters to be just a simple email. I believe they are more like a fully-fledged publication than just an email. This is my effort to amplify the scope of newsletters, while also helping you keep up to date with the Spanish tech ecosystem.

Want to join me for the ride? .

P.S.: This is a side project of mine that I do on the weekends. I spend the vast majority of my time looking for early stage companies to invest in. If you’re one and want to have K Fund as a partner, send us an email.

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