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PcComponentes booming business. Sonae now owns 40% of Ulabox. Deliveroo riders should be employees.

June 25, 2019 • Issue #94

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Startup funding news 💸

  • Cabify raised at least €5 million from TheVentureCity, AngelClub and Endeavor
  • Travel startup ByHours raised €3 million from Investiere, Howzat Partners and HR Ventures
  • ProntoPiso is a new proptech startup from Antai VB that’s born following a €3 million investment
  • Visualfy raised €2.55 million from Ship2B and other investors
  • Inveready to invest €2.5 million in hosting company Gigas
  • Health startup Neuroserveis closed a €600,000 investment via equity crowdfunding platform Capital Cell
  • Insurtech startup Brokoli raised €550,000 from various investors
  • Celebrents (formerly known as Cooctel) raised €400,000 from Big Sur Ventures, Cabiedes & Partners, Lanai Partners and other business angels
  • Translation services startup The Global Password raised €300,000
  • Orain raised €300,000 from Nero Ventures
  • Portuguese conglomerate Sonae now owns 40% of Ulabox. The Spanish startup expects to post sales of €7 million and a €2.5 million los in 2017

Startup exits 🎊

  • El Español acquired a majority stake in gaming publication Vandal. Terms of the deal were not disclosed

Investor & accelerator news 🚀

  • UK startup MishiPay raised £1.6 million led by Nauta Capital for its mobile self-checkout technology
  • Iñaki Arrola (K Fund): Should startups look to join an accelerator? A VC perspective on the topic
  • HUB Ventures launches accelerator program for startups to electrify transport sector
  • Navarra Tech Transfer is a new €4.2 million fund to invest in local tech companies
  • Pheidon is Eneko Knorr’s new fund to invest in cryptocurrencies
  • Samaipata Ventures analyses La Nevera Roja’s deck

Startup news 💡

  • El Español published an update on PcComponentes financial figures. The ecommerce company expects to reach €315 million in sales this year and a profit of €9 million
  • Spanish competition regulator, CNMC, says that laws proposed by the government to regulate Cabify and Uber are “too restrictive”
  • Roboadvisor Indexa Capital turned two years old and announced that it’s now managing €70 million from its clients
  • Glovo launched its own groceries service in Barcelona, SuperGlovo
  • Real estate crowdfunding startup Housers claims to have delivered €3.1 million to its investors since its inception
  • A parking app made by a Barcelona startup is helping to solve the city’s mobility problems
  • Malaga’s Taalentfy AI talent platform wins Best Social Work Startup at NY Summit 2017
  • Loogic interviewed Jose M. Cobian, Circle’s managing director for Southern Europe
  • Wallapop to start offering an insurance product to its users
  • Ecommerce company SantaFixie plans to launch its own bicycles

Big (local) company news 🏢

  • Spanish media companies are in negotiations with Facebook and Google to improve the monetisation of their content
  • Mango now allows payments in Spain using Alipay and Wechat, in an effort to cater to an increasing number of Chinese tourists
  • How Inditex expects to compete against Amazon and other ecommerce players
  • Spain’s two main banks on Bitcoin and the blockchain: here are Santander and BBVA’s opinions on the technology
  • How real estate giant Colonial wants to embrace technology

Big (foreign) company news 🏦

  • A Spanish labour inspection says that Deliveroo’s riders should be employees of the company instead of freelancers. This could cause a lot of trouble for the British company
  • Just Eat reached 20 million orders in Spain
  • Airbnb and Tripadvisor could be fined by Mallorca’s local government due to advertising so-called illegal properties on its platform. Also this week, Airbnb reached an agreement with Madrid’s local government to regulate their business

Interesting reads 🤓

  • How Spain gives away public money for R&D purposes. The biggest beneficiaries are Spain’s largest companies, not startups
  • Barcelona Supercomputing Center is a new public/private effort to compete against the US and Asia in chip manufacturing
  • Ruben Colomer, formerly of Plug and Play Spain, has launched DM School, an education program aimed at digital marketing professionals
  • Javier Escribano writes about how they approach product development at OnTruck

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