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SocialPoint acquired for up to $278 million. BlaBlaCar wins legal battle in Spain.

June 22, 2019 • Issue #52

Startup funding news

  • Scytl raised €12 million at a lower valuation than two years ago
  • Farming marketplace Farmidable raised €90,000

Startup exits

  • Take Two acquired Barcelona-based mobile gaming studio SocialPoint for up to $276 million. El Español has a good story of the mobile gaming empire created by Horacio Martos and Andrés Bou
  • British company HomeServe acquired 70% of Habitissimo for more than €20 million
  • MasMovil acquired MVNO LlamaYa for €29 million

Investor & accelerator news

  • Conector launched a new accelerator program in partnership with Galician bank Abanca
  • Tetuan Valley and Lisbon-based Beta-i announced a new partnership

Startup news

  • El Confidencial profiled Reclamador and Indemnizame
  • The ups and downs of Comunio, a German success that found in Spain its biggest market
  • Ticketbis has finally changed its name to StubHub, following its 2016 acquisition by eBay
  • Interview with Nina Alastruey, co-founder of Eelp
  • David Bonilla has joined Comalatech as CEO
  • is a stealth platform for entrepreneurs, startups and early adopters
  • Transporter is an Uber-like platform to send physical goods
  • Cabify Baby is a new service from the Madrid-based company suited for families with young kids
  • The TouristEye app (acquired by Lonely Planet a few years ago) no longer exits. Javier Escribano (OnTruck) wrote a good bye letter
  • Hawkers to open its first retail store in Madrid
  • Novicap claims to have developed a strong system to assess consumer/SMBs risk

Big company news

  • Interview with Google Spain director Fuencisla Clemares: “Amazon is one of Google’s main rivals”
  • Microsoft requests more information from Spanish tax authorities regarding its €18.6 million inspection
  • Tesla’s sales in Spain are… not great
  • Spanish telcos have fired more than 5,000 people in the last two years
  • Amazon launched its ‘Suscríbete y ahorra’ plan in Spain
  • Hemerotek looked into BBVA’s digital strategy
  • Oracle paid €19 million to Hacienda to settle claims for unpaid taxes
  • Why Rakuten is partnering with FC Barcelona
  • Worldpay poaches Santander innovation head
  • Many Car2Go users in Madrid complain that cars are often parked in private garages
  • Huawei has opened its first retail store in Madrid

Technology and policy

  • BlaBlaCar won its fight against Confebus, which could have a big impact in the future of the sharing economy in Spain
  • Equity crowdfunding: Spain’s CNMV has approved 21 platforms, less than half of all platforms which have applied
  • Various taxi companies are asking the government to compensate them as use of Cabify and Uber grows
  • Fintech companies are increasingly asking the Spanish government for regulation that allows them to get to market faster and iterate quicker

Interesting reads

  • What to expect from the Barcelona startup ecosystem in 2017
  • Interview with K Fund’s and former ING Direct director Carina Szpilka
  • The Global Robot Expo took place in Madrid last week. This is what El Confidencial thought of it
  • Loogic has a good summary of the main clauses in a shareholder’s agreement