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TravelPerk closing in on €200m ARR. Rever raised €7.5m. Biotech funding activity.

June 26, 2023 • Issue #376

¿Sabías que el 92% de las startups B2B no alcanzan sus objetivos de ventas anuales? Esto generalmente se debe a uno de los siguiente motivos: equipo comercial no especializado, playbook de ventas poco definido o por no encontrar el “product-market-fit”.

¿Las buenas noticias? Tenemos la solución: Mastering Ventas. Te demostraremos que las ventas no son un arte, son una ciencia. Olvídate de la formación en la que aprendes únicamente tácticas de persuasión, en nuestros cursos te enseñamos fórmulas, estrategia, organización, metodología, tecnología e incluso marketing. Todo lo necesario para multiplicar las ventas de tu empresa y tener a tu equipo alineado.

Contamos con los mejores profesionales de la industria de empresas de éxito como Glovo, Revolut, Payfit, Bloobirds o The SaaS Institute, entre muchas otras.

Empieza hoy a formar parte del 8% de empresas de éxito. Os regalamos un descuento a todos los lectores de Dealflow del 30% de descuento en todos nuestros cursos, con el código: DEALFLOW. ¡Visita nuestra web!

Startup funding news 💸

  • Barcelona-based biotech company Nuage Therapeutics raised €12m, led by Sofinnova Partners. Nuage Therapeutics mission is to leverage chemical biology and biomolecular condensation to develop selective drugs. More info on the round here
  • Barcelona-based logistics startup Rever raised €7.5m from YCombinator, Mundi Ventures, Barlon Capital and Sequoia's Scouting Fund. The company says that it has over 120 clients and is operational in some 40 countries in Europe, the US, and LatAm. More details here
  • Barcelona-based biotech company Onechain Immunotherapeutics raised €6.7m, led by Invivo Capital
  • Barcelona and London-based wellbeing company Oliva raised €5m, led by Molten Ventures
  • Madrid-based travel startup Room007 raised €5m from Fondo Smart del Banco Santander
  • Madrid-based supply chain cybersecurity company Xygeni raised €4m from Investing Profit Wisely
  • Madrid-based LuzIA, the startup that offers a ChatGPT wrap within messaging apps as well as audio transcription, raised €2.5m led by Silicon Valley-based fund A*
  • Other rounds of funding: Crowmie

M&A activity 🎊

  • According to Expansion, Nextchance Invest (the investment arm of Luca de Tena) is planning to sell TherapyChat for €60m to €85m. The company has annual revenues of €6m and 89% is controlled by the founders and Luca de Tena. TherapyChat is an online mental health platform
  • Viko acquired ecommerce focused agency Octopus

Investor & accelerator news 🚀

  • Stellum Capital is a new €200m fund to invest in Basque and Navarra-based startups, not exclusively
  • Ysios Capital led a $64m round in Dutch biotech startup Tag Works
  • M&A and fundraising advisory firm BlueBull launched a new division to focus on debt products for tech companies
  • Cocoa Ventures, the UK firm launched by Spaniard Carmen Alfonso-Rico, announced investments in Gladia and Hyperline

Startup news 💡

  • Travel company Traventia said that sales in 2022 surpassed €30m, twice as much as in 2021. These figures were released as part of the news that investor DraperB1 has sold its shares in the startup, with a return of 9X
  • According to reports, TravelPerk is closing in on €200m in ARR
  • Rob Cassedy, CEO of Wallapop, said in an interview that it aims to become profitable in Spain "in the next few months". The company, which recently launched in Portugal and Italy, says that in 2022 it had sales of €72m and in 2023 it expects to reach €100m
  • Elixir Games, a web3 gaming distribution platform formed by mostly Spanish employees, announced a strategic collaboration with GameStop, one of the world's largest gaming retailers, to power a distribution platform for web3 games called GameStop Playr
  • Freepik announced the opening of its first US office, which will be led by Jose Florido, who co-founded Panoramio with Freepik's current CEO Joaquin Cuenca. Panoramio was later sold to Google. Freepik also announced that it closed 2022 with €80m in sales, up 25% YoY
  • El Confidencial has more details about the Jeff situation. Te company went into administration a few weeks ago, and apparently it's trying to get cash from existing investors with an unknown goal
  • Jobandtalent plans to launch an app to help companies manage their employees, especially in the use cases of shift management and team planning. This will complement the software that the company has already developed that caters mostly to the blue collar workers that find jobs through its platform. Last year, Jobandtalent helped more than 340,000 people find a temporary job
  • Wired published a long interview and profile of Sergio Furio, co-founder of Creditas. Creditas is a Brazil-based unicorn in the fintech space. He talks about the LatAm ecosystem, growing Creditas and the goal of becoming profitable
  • Interview with Carlota Pi, co-founder of HolaLuz, about the company's history, the self-consumption energy pivot the company did in 2020, the energy crisis and more
  • Startup profiles:
  • Samara: energy
  • Parallel: legal tech
  • Keybotic: robotics
  • fintech/proptech

Big company news 🏦

  • Iberdrola invested €3m in Norwegian thermal battery startup Kyoto
  • According to Expansion, Telefonica is in conversations with all of the major cloud vendors (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and Vonage) to sign distribution agreements to expose certain APIs that are part of the recently announced OpenGateway initiative
  • Airline Lufthansa to open an innovation centre in Barcelona, with the goal of it becoming its second largest in Europe

Interesting reads 🤓

  • Simon Muñoz, platform PM at Voicemod, wrote "Are product managers going to disappear?"
  • Eduardo Manchon, CEO of Mailtrack, wrote a thread about the risks associated with product development: "Muchas metodologías de desarrollo de producto intentan reducir el riesgo de la idea. Error. El principal riesgo a solucionar no es ese, el riesgo mortal es el riesgo de ejecución, no el riesgo idea. En realidad reducir el riesgo idea implica asumir riesgos aún mayores"
  • Samaipata's Emmanuel Martin-Chave, formerly of BlaBlaCar, published "Restructuring data teams that are ready to scale: 5 learnings from BlablaCar"

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