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TaxDown raised €5.5M. Kompyte acquired for $10M. Wallbox lockup period.

March 28, 2022 • Issue #312

Actiage es una plataforma médica basada en la última evidencia científica especializada en el antienvejecimiento, así como en las afecciones relacionadas con la vejez.

Especialmente indicada para personas de más de 40 años, sus soluciones facilitan un envejecimiento saludable, añadiendo años de vida en óptimas condiciones físicas y mentales.

- En los tratamientos del Método Actiage se selecciona, en base a los resultados de un sensor metabólico y de analíticas avanzadas así como de la evaluación del historial individual, las prácticas precisas para cada persona con el fin de convertirlas en una rutina de una manera efectiva, sencilla y rápida. Ver Tratamientos Método Actiage

- El suplemento nutricional AgeSwitch combate las 10 causas del envejecimiento gracias a su formulación con 18 compuestos naturales que la ciencia ha comprobado que actúan de manera complementaria y completa sobre los factores que promueven el envejecimiento, retrasando su desarrollo y minimizando la aparición de enfermedades relacionadas con la edad. Ver Suplemento AgeSwitch Antienvejecimiento 10% de descuento utilizando el código: MasVida10DF

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Startup funding news 💸

  • Madrid-based TaxDown raised €5.5M, led by Base10 and JME. The company allows taxpayers to submit income tax returns accurately and online
  • Barcelona-based workplace mental health startup Oliva raised £4.84M, led by Stride VC
  • Madrid-based proptech Vivla, which allows for fractional ownership of homes, raised $30M in a mix of debt and equity ($3.5M equity/$26.5M debt funding). The round was led by Samaipata, they wrote about the deal here
  • Madrid and Miami-based Erudit raised $3.5M in late seed funding for AI-powered employee insights platform
  • Tenerife-based hospitality company Civitfun raised €2M led by Italian firm P101
  • Sevilla-based Livelink, developers of an IoT security solution for motorbike riders, raised €1.8M
  • Valencia-based insurtech Wenalyze raised €1.7M. The round was led by Athos Capital and saw the participation of Bankinter
  • Other rounds of funding: Founderz, Patronus
  • Startups looking for funding: Cuideo

M&A activity 🎊

  • Telefonica announced the acquisition of British digital transformation company Incremental, for more than €200M
  • Semrush paid $10M for Barcelona-based competitive analysis startup Kompyte, which had raised about €4M in funding from Adara and Caixa Capital Risc, among others
  • Playtomic continues its acquisition spree: it bought Finnish competitor Systems Oy, its 10th acquisition since 2021
  • Hispasat acquired Barcelona-based satellite telecommunications company Axess Networks for €112M
  • Suma Capital acquired a 40% stake in ecommerce company Atrapamuebles
  • Accenture acquired Barcelona-based consulting firm Alfa Consulting

Investor & accelerator news 🚀

  • Wallbox's lockup period finishes soon and some of its early backers could look to sell part of their shares to lock gains. Seaya still has an 8% stake in the company, which based on Wallbox's current market cap of round $2B, could represent a 2X return of Seaya's current fund
  • Seaya and Nortia Capital announced the launch of a fund to invest in companies related to sustainability
  • Samaipata participated in the €15M round of French startup Bigblue. The firm was already an investor in the DTC fulfillment company
  • Why Telefónica’s Wayra is looking beyond accelerators: 10 years since the foundation of Wayra, Telefonica has moved onto venture building, direct investing and the “anti-portfolio”
  • Here's an interview with Pepe Peris, managing director of Angels

Startup news 💡

  • Proptech Housfy said that it closed 2021 with €15M in sales, up 140% YoY, assisting in the sale of 2,000 properties and 2,000 mortgages
  • Neobank Bnext said that it has raised €11M with the sale of its token and talked about its plans in Latam and crypto
  • HR and recruiting company Manfred launched a universal and open source CV for developers. CEO David Bonilla also wrote about the initiative here and here, with the title "How to survive the StackOverflowgeddon"
  • Profile of British/Spanish embedded finance startup Toqio, coinciding with the launch of its services in Spain. Toqio allows companies to easily embed financial services into their products or launch financial products from the ground up
  • Another profile, this time of M&A marketplace Deale, which connects SMBs with investors interested in acquiring (and investing) in companies
  • Muoki is a new company launched by Rocio Alcocer, co-founder of Tapp Water. The company has built a second hand furniture marketplace
  • Hana Mohan, co-founder and CEO of notification-as-a-service company MagicBell, wrote a post about the company's history, including its fundraising story, go-to-market and other topics
  • ForceManager, the CRM company co-founded by Oscar Macia, has been using VR for internal meetings for six weeks. Oscar wrote about the experience here and how it allows for more brainstorming and creative thinking
  • German fintech startup Scalable Capital launched its stock and crypto buying services in Spain. Adrian Amorin, head of Spain for the company, was interviewed here
  • US fintech company Jeeves, providers of fintech services for startups including expense management and debit cards, announced a round of $180M and plans to expand in Europe and more specifically in Spain. The company plans to open an office in Barcelona
  • Startup profiles:
  • Bold: manufacturer of electric batteries
  • Kaikoo: gaming
  • Club Clinico: SaaS-enabled marketplace for the dental industry
  • Councilbox: legal tech
  • Stockagile: SaaS for retailers

Big company news 🏦

  • Facebook and Amazon recently announced plans to increase their presence in Spain, which means that they will hire a bunch of people. El Confidencial wrote about how this could impact salaries in the tech sector. I'm personally all for it: I think that in the mid to long-term, it benefits the whole local ecosystem, from small companies to large ones
  • A lot of countries are increasing their spending on defense and military related industries. Spain is not an exception. The Spanish government wants to increase defense spending to 2% of GDP, and that could mean more relevance for Indra, which could be looking to acquire and or partner with defense tech companies. Also related to the topic, Palantir announced that it will be opening its first office in Spain
  • I'm not sure if I understood this correctly: apparently, El Corte Ingles has hired Deloitte to work on a project to build a crypto exchange so that holders of ECI's credit card can acquire Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptos
  • BBVA has been saying for a long time that it's one of the leading banks in digital transformation. At a recent shareholders' meeting, unions and representatives of workers claimed that the bank of faking some of its digital metrics in order to justify closing part of its retail presence
  • Uber launched in Malaga and Madrid a car rental service

Interesting reads 🤓

  • Malaga continues to bet on cybersecurity as one of the sectors that could transform the city's tech ecosystem
  • VC firm JME wrote a post about how to move a company's headquarters to the US. This is something that happens quite often, especially if you for example join Y Combinator or want to raise late stage money from US investors

Podcasts 🎧

  • Startasap interviewed Enric Gabarro, co-founder and CEO of Picker
  • K Fund interviewed Guti Martinez, head of HR at Packlink
  • SeedRocket interviewed David Maso, head of marketplace of Zur Rose Group
  • Itnig interviewed Xavier Rosales, co-founder of Paack