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Sales numbers of bootstrapped businesses. Hiring remote devs. Divilo raised €4m.

August 23, 2021 • Issue #281

¿Qué tienen en común las startups y unicornios que más crecen en Silicon Valley? Todos ellos usan la metodología de Growth, que se basa en la experimentación para entender muy rápidamente lo que funciona y no funciona.

Para ejecutar sus tests emplean lo que llamamos Growth Hacking Tools: herramientas que cualquier fundador, emprendedor o marketer debería tener siempre a mano. Gracias a ellas podrán, prácticamente a coste 0, montar experimentos para accionar a alta velocidad las palancas de crecimiento.

Este año hemos analizado más de 400 herramientas, de ellas hemos seleccionado las 48 mejores Growth Hacking Tools que no puedes dejar de conocer.

Aquí te dejamos la selección gratuita que hemos hecho para ti.

Startup funding news 💸

  • Following its €11m Series A round, El Español published a profile of US-based insurtech company Agentero. Agentero enables agents in the insurance industry to do digital customer servicing, cross-selling and up-selling. The company has several of its employees in Spain and was also co-founded by Luis Pino, the first employee of Coverwallet (acquired by AON)
  • Madrid-based fintech startup Divilo raised €4m

Investor & accelerator news 🚀

  • Business Insider published a profile of Andreas Mihalovits, a former entrepreneur turned investor. Andreas was born in Germany but now lives in Marbella. He's probably one of Spain's most active business angels

Startup news 💡

  • According to an article in Expansion, anti piracy B2B SaaS company Red Points expects to grow sales by 50% this year, to reach €23m. The article probably includes more details about Red Points business but it's behind a paywall
  • Valencia Plaza published an article with a few startup highlights, including sales numbers of various bootstrapped companies. Doofinder, the search engine for B2B and ecommerce sites, which in two years has grown from €3.5m in ARR to €10m, and Metricool, which according to the article has recently reached €2.5m in sales. If you want to know more about Doofinder, here's an interview by Itnig and one I did with the founder of Metricool
  • is the new company of Pau Sabria and Jose Cabo, co-founders of Olapic (acquired by Monotype for $130m). The company helps startups build and retain high-performing, remote engineering squads. They've been publishing quite a bit of content on their substack -including investor updates - and it's good stuff. The last article they've published talks about 'Investing in software engineers as an asset class'
  • Tekios published a long interview with Ivan Caballero, CEO of Citibeats. The company has built an AI platform that searches and analyzes large amounts of text provided by citizens, making sense of such data to identify social facts and trends that are useful for companies and institutions
  • Apparently, Glovo has introduced changes to its algorithm to change the way it assigns orders to riders, following specific legislation and requests from local governments
  • Emprendedores published a long profile of ecommerce site Decawood. The bootstrapped business had sales €5m in 2020 and expects to double this year
  • According to Modaes, fashion and ecommerce brand Brava Fabrics had sales of €3.5m last year. The company says that they expect to grow by 40% to 70% this year
  • El Economista interviewed Ismael Labrador, co-founder of bike marketplace Tuvalum. In the interview they say that last year they had sales of more than €4m and facilitated the sale of 3,100 bikes
  • Zelf, a neobank for Gen Z’s short attention span, lands in Spain. The company allows users to open a current account and transfer money via instant messengers
  • Startup profiles:
  • Durcal: product and services for the elderly
  • Timpers: ecommerce/shoes
  • APlanet: SaaS to manage CSR and sustainability programs
  • Bamboo Energy: solution to manage the entire value chain of flexibility for energy retailers and aggregators

Podcasts 🎧

  • Startasap interviewed Gemma Escribano, former CMO of Wallapop and now at Durcal
  • Itnig interviewed Raimundo Burguera, co-founder of fintech startup Ritmo