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Returnly acquired for $300m. Peoople acquires 21Buttons. Fon sells for €5m.

April 26, 2021 • Issue #265

Building a diversified investment portfolio should be the #1 goal of every investor, and startups are an interesting financial asset worth considering. At Dozen, you will find the best selected startup investment opportunities and you will be able to invest in an agile and simple way with the help of professionals.

Finding the right investment opportunities to build a diversified portfolio doesn’t depend on mathematical rules, but in having access to the best opportunities as well as experience, intuition and analysis, all of which Dozen has been providing for more than 6 years.

At Dozen, formerly The Crowd Angel, you'll have access to companies with high profit potential. In the past we've invested in the likes of Glovo, Skitude, Cuideo, Volava and Buguro.

The last opportunity available in the platform is Honest, a company that has developed a software to empower customer support agents to increase the value of each client interaction. In the past 6 months, Honest has closed an €120k annual contract with Meliá Hotels and has also raised €100k from K Fund.

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Startup funding news 💸

  • Barcelona-based medtech startup Aortyx raised €2.4m via Capital Cell
  • Barcelona-based biotech startup Roka Furada raised €1.5m
  • Murcia-based travel startup STAYmyway raised €1.2m
  • Valencia-based sales optimisation startup Bionline raised €750k
  • Madrid-based global talent network Nova Talent raised €520k
  • Other rounds of funding: Kampaoh, Oasis Hunters, Atravo

M&A activity 🎊

  • Returnly, a Spanish startup with headquarters in San Francisco but with most of its employees in Madrid, got acquired by US fintech giant Affirm for $300m in cash and stock. The company had raised $30m in funding from local VCs such as The Venture City, Mundi Ventures, Bonsai and others
  • Social shopping startup Peoople acquired fashion social network 21Buttons. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. 21Buttons had raised more than $30m in funding
  • Wealthtech company Allfunds IPO'd on the Amsterdam stock market, reaching a market cap of €7b. Valencia Plaza wrote about the IPO from the perspective of their local ecosystem, since Allfunds acquired Valencia-based fintech startup Finametrix in 2018
  • Telecommunications startup Fon was acquired by Agile Countent for €5m. Fon, founded by Martin Varsavsky, had raised more than $100m from the likes of Sequoia Capital, Index Ventures and other top tier funds

Investor & accelerator news 🚀

  • Antai Venture Builder announced the launch of €50m media for equity fund
  • Nauta Capital led a $3m round in Swedish backend-as-a-service startup Nhost. Nauta also led a €5m round in Munich-based insurtech insureQ
  • BAck Fund is a new investment firm, created by Adrián Gorritxo and Karel Escobar, that aims to invest in 15 startups in the next two years
  • El Rerente interviewed Javier Jimenez Marco, director of Lanzadera, about what the incubator/accelerator plans to do in the next 5 years
  • Biotech firm Columbus Tech Partners announced a new €120m fund

Startup news 💡

  • An inside look at how Typeform became a hybrid, remote-first company by focusing on meaningful relationships and bringing joy to the journey. The article also includes a date for a potential Typeform IPO: 2023
  • Malaga Hoy had an interesting overview of the evolution of the Malaga startup ecosystem, which has been silently growing for several years but has recently started to make a lot of noise with the opening of a Google centre and other initiatives
  • Edtech startup Ironhack announced the launch of Income Share Agreements (ISAs), a form of payment that allows students to receive education funding in exchange for a portion of your post-grad salary
  • Former Googler Sandra Manresa announced as new CEO of dark kitchen startup La Gran Familia Mediterranea. LGFM is a K Fund portfolio co.
  • The CNMC has said that Cabify and Glovo are allowed to deliver packages in its vehicles. Obviously Glovo has been doing so for a while and it appears as it wants to double-down on that side of the business with Q-Commerce, but this news also gives the green light to Cabify to continue with its last-mile delivery activity, which it started during the pandemic
  • Cabify announced it will be dropping all operations in Brazil by June 14 due to lack of profitability and the serious health crisis in the country
  • Michael Stothard, editor of Sifted, published a Twitter thread about the 'Glovo mafia'. A series of companies founded by former employees of the Barcelona-based logistics company. Here 's the thread in an article format
  • Business Insider talked to a bunch of Spanish investors and founders and put together a list of what they believe are the 70 most promising startups in Spain
  • DayOne interviewed Christian Rodriguez, co-founder of hospitality startup ByHours. Christian talks about their move towards a B2B SaaS model, the impact of covid-19 and other topics. He says that ByHours is profitable in Spain, Italy, Germany and Colombia
  • Startup profiles: Always People First, Internxt, Avalisto, Guruwalk

Startup financials & numbers 🔢

  • Alejandro Artacho, co-founder and CEO of Spotahome, published a Linkedin post with an update on the company's recovery from the pandemic. Alejandro says that Spotahome is active in "100 cities across 27 countries in Europe & Middle East, top ones for international mobility, increasing our properties inventory by 70% to soon hit a quarter million long term rental listings" and that "Q1 2021 was our best performing quarter ever contributing operating profits with our highest margins to date"
  • Spanish neobank Rebellion said in an interview that it currently has 210k customers, with the goal of reaching 2m by 2022. The company also announced the launch of its first current account
  • Ebury, the fintech startup acquired by Banco Santander in 2019 for more than €400m, increased its loss by 55% in 2020, to €34m
  • announced a significant increase in revenues and profit in Q1 2021, mostly thanks to its SaaS offering
  • Tech firm Sngular expects to grow by 20% this year, reaching €55m in sales
  • French transportation startup Blablacar announced €97m in fresh funding. The company also said that Spain remains as its second biggest market in terms of revenues, only behind France
  • French insurtech company Alan raised $220m and announced plans to further increase its presence in Spain. The company says the goal is to reach 22k customers in Spain this year

From the trenches 👷🏽‍♀️

  • Pablo Viguera, co-founder of fintech startup Belvo, published about their transition from Open Banking to 'Open Finance: writing the next chapter in Latin America’s fintech revolution'
  • Ruben Ferreiro, founder of Viko and also co-founder of Yaba, wrote an article about how Amazon-native brands are transforming the brand and ecommerce ecosystem
  • David Bonilla, co-founder and CEO of Manfred, was interviewed on the Nailted podcast to talk about how he conducts one-on-one meetings in order to maintain healthy, transparent and ongoing communication
  • Marcos Alves, who recently left El Tenedor, was interviewed by Merca2 about the transition, as he looks back at more than 15 years at the company he co-founded
  • Hasan Nawaz, CEO of Barcelona-based embedded finance startup Hubuc, wrote 'Fintech disruption of the banking industry: innovation vs tradition?'. On Hubuc, here's another article published by Currencycloud about the startup

Big company news 🏦

  • Amazon registered a €21m provision in its logistics division, most probably in anticipation of fines by the Spanish government due to the employment status of its delivery drivers. The company also announced plans to open a new logistics centre in Toledo
  • Online sales reached €176m for Mercadona in 2020, 1% of the company's total sales

Interesting reads 🤓

  • Aitor Almendros, investment analyst at Cardumen Capital, published a map and analysis of the funding ecosystem in Spain
  • Miguel Arias, director of Wayra, wrote an article about the 2021 status of the Spanish startup ecosystem
  • David Alonso, Spanish country manager of quick commerce startup Dija, wrote an article about quick commerce, a sector that has seen a ton of investment activity in the past few months
  • Aurore Falque-Pierrotin of Samaipata published 'Data network effects — the new Holy Grail?'
  • Expansion published an interesting article about Spanish companies that come out of universities. Transfer tech in Spain doesn't work as well as in other countries, for example Portugal, but hopefully things will improve soon with regards to university spin-offs

Podcasts 🎧

  • K Fund interviewed Bernat Ripoll, co-founder and co-CEO of Holded
  • interviewed Adelina Peltea, VP of Growth at Holded