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Jobandtalent gets $100m credit line. Tradeinn ambitious plans. Mifarma’s €73m in sales.

March 8, 2021 • Issue #258

Finutive es la Asesoría Online idónea si eres una startup. En menos de tres años ha conseguido posicionarse como asesoría de preferencia entre los emprendedores, consiguiendo ser líder en creación de sociedades en España este último año compitiendo con más de 65.000 asesorías y gestorías. Además destaca su partnership con el Banco Santander, que ha elegido a Finutive como la solución perfecta de gestión contable y fiscal entre sus clientes.

Finutive ha conseguido darle la vuelta a lo que todos teníamos en mente con respecto a las gestorías, consiguiendo procesos rápidos, fáciles y automatizados pero con una plantilla de profesionales de lo más eficiente que dedican todo su tiempo a lo importante, asesorar y ayudar a los clientes con el trato más personalizado y personalizable posible

¡Reserva unaconsultoría gratuita con ellos aquí y sal de dudas!

Startup funding news 💸

  • According to El Referente, Spanish startups raised a combined €624m in February
  • Madrid-based blue collar employment platform Jobandtalent got a $100m credit line from Blackrock. The company also recently announced an €88m equity round. InnovaSpain interviewed Juan Urdiales
  • Valencia-based lithium battery manufacturer Endurance Motive raised €2m
  • Barcelona-based ecommerce company Incapto Coffee raised €1.1m from Banco Sabadell
  • Almeria-based edtech company Twenix raised €1m from JME and Banco Sabadell
  • Other rounds of funding: PlayJoy Games, ProteusInnovation,, Aunoa

M&A activity 🎊

  • Fortnite developer Epic acquired Mediatonic, the studio behind popular game Fall Guys. Mediatonic is headquartered in London, but the company has a studio in Madrid with almost 50 employees
  • Business Insider talked to Jesus Murillo, co-founder of home security startup Sofiathinks, about the company's plans following its acquisition by MasMovil

Investor & accelerator news 🚀

  • Basque VC firm Easo Ventures announced the launch of its second fund, with a size of €30m
  • All Iron Ventures announced that Diego Recondo and Hugo Mardomingo have become shareholders of the managing company, and also the hiring of Robert Nowak (Prosus Ventures, Naspers)
  • Martin Varsavsky, Axel Springer and SoftBank to launch a SPAC with the goal of taking a European company public
  • El Economista interviewed Jesus Monleon, of SeedRocket 4Founders and several other entrepreneurial initiatives
  • According to a Diversify VC study, only two out of every ten Spanish investors are women

Startup news 💡

  • Girona-based ecommerce company Tradeinn expects to reach €400m in sales this year, up 40% year-on-year. The company also has the more ambitious goal of reaching €1b in sales by 2025. Tradeinn recently launched a technology and electronics vertical, its first foray out of sport goods
  • It's no secret that the pandemic has been tough for tech companies in the travel sector. eDreams announced that in the last three quarters of 2020, losses increased to €69m (from a profit of €29m in the same period in 2019) as sales dropped by 80%
  • Albacete-based ecommerce company Mifarma had sales of €73m in 2020, a 60% year-on-year uplift
  • The Hotels Network, a Barcelona-based startup that helps hotels increase direct bookings, announced BenchDirect, a benchmarking product for hotel’s direct booking channel
  • How Google Cloud & CARTO power geospatial analysis at scale
  • Spanish cloud gaming startups Ludium Lab and Ween announced a partnership to bring eSports to the cloud
  • Wences Garcia, co-founder of marketgoo, published a Twitter thread about how the company shares its annual profits with its employees, a practice that's called profit sharing
  • Expansion published a profile of Diego Ballesteros, CEO and co-founder of Bewe Software and previously of SinDelantal
  • Emprendedores published a long interview with Carlota Pi, co-founder and CEO of energy startup Holaluz. In 2020, the company reached 300k clients, €236m in sales and 198 employees
  • Business Insider talked to various Spanish investors about the most promising companies they've seen in the logistics sector
  • El Referente put together a list of what they consider to be 20 promising energy tech startups
  • According to Qonto's Spanish country manager, Carles Marcos, the French fintech startup increased by 6X its sales in Spain in 2020
  • Startup profiles: Doinn, Goin, The Blue Dots, eccocar, Galgus

Big company news 🏦

  • In 2019, Google had sales of €130m in Spain and paid €8m in taxes (5% effective tax rate). Also last week the search giant announced a 2% fee to compensate for the so-called Google Tax that will soon go into effect in Spain and that will affect large tech companies
  • Ikea plans to increase the size of its software development and digital product centre in Madrid
  • Valencia could house the first gigafactory in Spain, as a result of a partnership between Ford, Iberdrola and 23 other companies. Another battery factory could open in Cataluña soon, in collaboration between Iberdrola and Seat
  • The first Spanish manufacturing plant of lithium batteries will open next year in Extremadura
  • Mediamarkt has ambitious plans for the next few years. The company wants to reach €3b in sales by 2025 and ecommerce will be a big part of that. Right now, ecommerce accounts for 20% of mediamarkt sales
  • Ecommerce represents 45% of Seur's sales
  • Jose Maria Alvarez Pallete has been at the helm of Telefonica for five years. La Informacion looks at what he's done since becoming president and the challenges ahead
  • Deloitte and Vodafone Giants announced a partnership to promote eSports in Spain

Tech and policy 💂🏼‍♂️

  • Telefonica believes that current tension and division within the Spanish government can affect the management of the expected €140b in EU grants
  • Andalucia's government wants to put resources behind the plan of helping the region, and mostly Malaga, turn into a cybersecurity hub. As we've mentioned in previous weeks, Google will make a significant investment in Malaga, where VirusTotal is headquartered. Also related to Malaga and Andalucia, the Mobile World Capital Foundation announced that it will celebrate a Mobile Week conference in Malaga in December
  • El Español published an analysis of R&D incentives in Spain, Navarra and Euskadi
  • Marian Scheifler of Sifdi wrote about "readjusting Spain's equity story"

Interesting reads 🤓

  • Meritxell Calvo published a post about existing biases in engineering hiring processes
  • Tinybird interviewed Nuria Ruiz, Principal Engineer at Wikimedia Foundation, to talk about data engineering at Wikipedia
  • Alvar Montes, head of engineering at Ontruck, published 'Visual communication for Product Managers and Engineer Leads'
  • Emilio Galan, co-founder and CTO of Beonprice, wrote a post about the why, how and what behind the travel technology company
  • Daniel R, data scientist at Coverwallet, wrote 'How to perform an A/B Test when random split is not possible'
  • Felix Lopez (Eventbrite) wrote about how teams should think about the technologies they choose to build their product and whether managers should allow freedom in playing with different technologies
  • Gaming publication SamaGame published an overview of La Abadia del Crimen, one of the most iconic videogames developed in Spain

Podcasts 🎧

  • Novicap interviewed Carina Szpilka of K Fund
  • MarsBased interviewed Pere Valles, CEO of Exoticca
  • Jordi Altimira interviewed Laura Fernandez of AllWomen
  • Itnig interviewed Helena Guardans of Webhelp (among many other initiatives)