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SeedRocket 4Founders' new fund. Countercraft wins US defense contract. Lagaam’s deck.

February 1, 2021 • Issue #253

Núbica ayuda a las startups a recuperar parte de sus gastos en desarrollo de tecnología, para cualquier sector y tipo de empresa. Lo hace con un modelo de honorarios 100% a éxito sobre sus resultados.

Para ello, Núbica combina deducciones fiscales por I+D+i (monetizables en caso de ausencia de beneficios) y Bonificaciones a la Seguridad Social para optimizar el retorno sobre gastos / inversiones. Además, Núbica es la consultora que ha obtenido en los dos últimos años un mayor ratio de concesión en la convocatoria Neotec de CDTI, que otorga subvenciones a fondo perdido para startups.

La empresa está formada por un grupo de ingenieros de la UPM, con un claro objetivo: ayudar a las empresas a aprovechar estos incentivos, con un modelo 100% a éxito y redactando las propuestas, para no quitar tiempo a las empresas y que éstas puedan centrarse en sus negocios.

Puedes contactar con ellos aquí o en el correo

Startup funding news 💸

Investor & accelerator news 🚀

  • SeedRocket 4Founders announced a first closing of €27m of its new fund. The firm aims to do a final closing of €40m
  • Startupxplore to launch a new vertical focused on gaming and eSports
  • Science equity fund BeAble Capital says that it plans to launch a €70m fund
  • InnovaSpain interviewed Miguel Arias, director of Wayra, to talk about areas of focus of the investment arm as well as the status of the Spanish tech market
  • El Mundo talked to Enrique Penichet (Draper B1), Miguel Vicente (Antai) and myself about the evolution of the Spanish investor ecosystem and the need (or not) for larger local funds that invest at Series A/B stages
  • Expansion published a long profile of Antai Venture Builder, the investment firm and incubation program launched by Gerard Olive and Miguel Vicente
  • UpBizor wrote a blog post about how startups can access various public funding programs currently available

Startup news 💡

  • Cybersecurity startup Countercraft announced that it has won a contract with the US Department of Defense to dramatically enhance cyber threat detection and intelligence-gathering capabilities. The agreement comes as CounterCraft is expanding its US footprint, opening a new office in New York
  • You might remember that we previously wrote about the legal battle happening at real estate crowdfunding platform Housers that involved its co-founders. According to La Informacion, the end might be near and one of the founders, Tono Brusola, could be forced to sell his 20% stake in the company and pay a fine of €600k
  • Demand-led fashion brand lagaam made public its pitch deck, disclosing revenue numbers, business model and other interesting tidbits. You can find the deck here. The company reached sales of €1.1m in 2019 and €1m in 2020, with more than 10k and 8.5k clients, respectively
  • Uri Tintore, co-founder of Latam open finance startup Belvo, wrote a blog post explaining what they believe are the key differentiating factors of the company and what they've done to become "the largest, fastest, and more robust open finance platform in Latin America"
  • Plant-food meat company Heura Foods reported that it reached €8m in sales in 2020, 3X compared to the previous year. It currently sells its products in 13 countries
  • Energy company HolaLuz disclosed its 2020 financials. The company increased its revenues by 13%, to €236m, and increased its loss by 12%, to €700k. HolaLuz has 272k customers
  • Open source SD-WAN vendor flexiWAN announced an integration with Barcelona-based Clevernet’s AI-powered WAN optimization platform this week
  • El Español talked to the founders of We Are Knitters, Spotahome and Jobandtalent about the impact of covid in their businesses and how they've navigated the current situation. Interestingly, Pepita Marin, co-founder of We Are Knitters, says that as a result of the pandemic the company has become "very profitable", as sales have increased
  • Xataka profiled health app Hearts Radiant (Rosita), an intelligent longevity coach that aims to help seniors increase their healthy lifespan and hence avoid the risk of dependency
  • Furniture and decoration brand Kave Home shoots its sales to €75, with an 80% growth in the online channel
  • Startup profiles: Citibox, JustinMind, APFtech, Landbot, Personio

Núbica está seleccionando startups para analizar posibilidades en la convocatoria Neotec de CDTI y hacer, sin compromiso, un diagnóstico para la valorización de deducciones fiscales por I+D+i (capitalizables o monetizables). Incluiremos también incentivos que van a abrir en 2021 a través de los Fondos Europeos. Si quieres que analicen tu caso, puedes ponerte en contacto con ellos en

Big company news 🏦

  • MasMovil and Vodafone could be in negotiations to merge their businesses in Spain. Lower competition in the telco market could result in higher prices for consumers
  • You might remember that Google shut down Google News a few years ago following the introduction of the popular Canon AEDE. The Canon established that Google would have to pay certain publications because it linked to them in News. Now it seems as if various publications have signed agreements with Google to be featured on News, which could re-launch soon
  • Google intends to ban and remove support from Chrome for digital certificates issued by Spanish certificate authority Camerfirma. Camefirma is the certification authority in digital electronic signature for Spain's chambers of commerce. According to ZDNet, the Google ban alone is more than enough to cripple Camerfirma's business. With a market share of around 60% to 70%, the Chrome ban is a de-facto death blow
  • News publication elDiario announced that it has surpassed 60k paid subscribers, a 71% increase compared to a year ago

Tech and policy 💂🏼‍♂️

  • Emprendedores interviewed Carlos Mateo, spokesperson for the Spanish Startup Association, to talk about the delayed Ley de Startups

Interesting reads 🤓

  • El Confidencial wrote an article about distributed work and how that's affecting technical profiles. The article mostly focuses on Spaniards who work for foreign firms from Spain, netting high salaries
  • Samuel Gil of JME wrote about the importance of hiring
  • David Bonilla had a guest writer this week in his Bonilista. Jimena Catalina of Slides Carnival wrote about side projects

Podcasts 🎧

  • Towards Data Science interviewed Joaquin Quiñonero-Candela, the Distinguished Tech Lead for Responsible AI at Facebook
  • Itnig interviewed Marc Macia, co-founder of NoviCap
  • K Fund interviewed chef Dani Garcia, co-founder of La Gran Familia Mediterranea
  • interviewed Eva Rodriguez, previously CMO of Famosa and L'Oreal and now turned YouTuber
  • Life on Mars interviewed Jordi Vendrell and Xavier Redó, COO and CTO of MarsBased