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Jobandtalent raised €88m. idealista acquired Rentger. Wikiloc very profitable business.

January 11, 2021 • Issue #250

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Startup funding news 💸

  • Madrid-based Jobandtalent raised €88 million, led by new investor InfraVia, a French private equity firm. Existing Jobandtalent investors, including Atomico, Seek, DN Capital and Kibo Ventures also participated in the Series C top-up. Jobandtalent reports the number of workers looking for temp jobs on its platform doubling every year, while it’s grown revenue to €500 million and says it’s hit positive EBITDA
  • Barcelona-based medtech startup Devicare raised €2.45m
  • Other rounds of funding: Blaine Box

M&A activity 🎊

  • idealista announced the acquisition of Rentger, a SaaS startup that helps landlords and companies manage home rentals. Terms of the deal were not disclosed
  • Madrid-based insurance company Further merged with UK company Trustedoctor to provide global digital insurance for the seriously ill
  • Business Insider talked to Aitor Guevara (Ducksboard, acquired by New Relic), David Maso (Promofarma - Zur Rose) and Jon Uriarte (Ticketbis - eBay) about the acquisition processes they went through when they all sold their respective startups
  • Startups' Oasis talked to Jaime Jimenez, co-founder of fintech startup Typs, about their recent acquisition by Hastee

Startup news 💡

  • Analia Plaza (elDiario) wrote a profile of Wikiloc, the Girona-based social network for hikers. The company was founded 15 years ago, has raised little money, employs 15 people and has a massive user base with 20m routes published on its platform. Wikiloc closed 2018 with close to €1m in revenues and €320k in profit, up from €750k in revenue and €240k in profit in 2017
  • Jesus Martinez (La Informacion) has more info on Cabify's financial situation. The newspaper wrote that Cabify owes €52m to various parties, including financial institutions, as a result of the acquisition of a 61% stake in Vector Ronda Teleport, a VTC holding company previously owned by Rosauro Varo (now CEO of Prisa). The money owed is part of existing debt that the acquired company already had at the time of the transaction. El Confidencial also published an article last week looking at both Cabify and Glovo's situation
  • Expansion talked to Sergio Furio, the Spanish co-founder of Brazilian fintech unicorn Creditas. The company has a big development and product centre in Valencia and says it has the goal of doing an IPO in the next couple of years
  • Paack, the last mile delivery company that offers scheduled ecommerce deliveries, said in late December that it planned to close 2020 with €56m in sales, up from €17m in 2019. The company expects to reach the €100m figure in 2021
  • Insurtech startup Bdeo (a K Fund portfolio company) wrote a summary of 2020. CEO Julio Pernia says that "last year Bdeo adapted its value proposition to the new reality our customers were experiencing, grew as a team more than we thought we would, reached 33 insurers, scaled our operations to 20 countries, raised a €5m Series A led by international VCs, and was able to grow revenue by a factor of 3"
  • Business Insider wrote a profile of Polaroo, the Barcelona-based fintech startup that has built a product to manage your utility bills. The company not only helps consumers manage all types of subscriptions, but also helps to improve their cash flow. Polaroo claims to have 35k users
  • Startup profile: Notebloc, Vytrus Biotech

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Big company news 🏦

  • BBVA announced that Simple, the pioneering mobile and online banking app that it acquired for $117m in 2014, will be shut down and that it will move accounts to BBVA’s USA business
  • Amadeus has various sources of revenue, but the main one is sales associated with its GDS (Global Distribution System). According to a report published by investment bank Barclays, the Spanish travel company won't be reaching its 2019 revenues until 2025 as a consequence of the coronavirus

Tech and policy 💂🏼‍♂️

  • Business Insider talked to Francisco Polo, Alto Comisionado para España Nación Emprendedora, about upcoming regulation that could be passed to make life easier for startups, including a new tax scheme for stock options
  • The Spanish Supreme Court will soon kick off the process to decide whether Deliveroo's riders should be considered employees or contractors of the company. The Supreme Court ruled a few months ago that riders working for Glovo should be treated as employees

Interesting reads 🤓

  • Alex Barrero of publicly disclosed the financial performance of his newsletter and podcast business
  • Samuel Gil (JME) wrote a post about quantum computing
  • David Bonilla (Bonilista, Manfred) wrote 'the Excel hacker'

Podcasts 🎧