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Jobandtalent could raise €60m. Ladorian gets €5m.

November 30, 2020 • Issue #244

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Startup funding news 💸

  • According to Jesus Martinez of La Informacion, Madrid-based Jobandtalent could be putting the finishing touches on a €60m round that could bring its value to close to €500m
  • Madrid-based adtech company Ladorian raised €5m led by Rakuten Capital
  • A Coruña-based edtech startup Netex raised €3m from Inveready
  • Madrid-based Energy Solar Tech raised €2m via equity crowdfunding
  • Madrid-based hospitality startup Katoo raised €3m from Flash Ventures and Otium Capital
  • Barcelona-based neobank bnc10 raised €1.1m via Crowdcube
  • Madrid and Vigo-based eYard raised €800k, led by Mundi Ventures
  • Madrid-based social network Roadstr raised €769k via Sociosinversores
  • Barcelona-based edtech company Lifecole raised €600k from Antai, Bonsai and Atresmedia

Investor & accelerator news 🚀

  • We (K Fund) invested in Brussels-based real estate startup Nodalview. PROFounders led the €4.1m round. Also at K Fund, we recently closed our first K Founders batch, with investments in Rosita, Nuna and Tacter. My colleague Marc Clemente wrote about it here
  • The Spanish Association of Business Angels published a report about BA activity in Spain and overall trends
  • Andy Areitio of The Venture City published 'What I wish I’d known about venture capital when I was a founder'
  • Miguel Arias of Wayra published 'Dancing with Gazelles', a post that also includes a presentation about corporate learnings investing and working with startups

M&A activity 🎊

  • TravelWifi announced the acquisition of Barcelona-based Wifivox, the so-called leading provider of mobile Wi-Fi solutions in Spain. Wifivox offers rentable Wi-Fi hotspot devices that can be ordered online and then picked up or dropped off at major airports and approximately 2,000 locations throughout Spain

Startup news 💡

  • Octavi Uya, co-founder of boat rental marketplace Nautal, has started a series of blog posts to tell the story of the company, which was recently acquired by Click&Boat. The first post is about a crowdfunding campaign that they launched to try to save the company
  • Badi to include hotel rooms in its app. An increasingly number of hotels are opting to offer month-long stays to compensate for the lack of demand during the pandemic. Badi will start offering up to 400 rooms on its product in the near future
  • EU-Startups interviewed Guillermo Gaspart, co-founder and CEO of ByHours, to talk about how the company has adapted to covid-19: “Hotels are not just for tourists”
  • Xataka published an article about how smartphone manufacturer BQ has fared two years after its acquisition by a Vietnamese company. According to the publication, BQ has yet to pay several of its employees and phones are not being covered by existing warranty
  • We Are Knitters has expanded to 15 additional countries. The ecommerce company reached sales of more than €15m and 600k clients
  • More and more local governments and cities are considering taxing the activity of e-scooter companies, which could make it even harder for these companies to reach profitability. US startup Wheels, which launched in Spain last year, has decided to abandon the country and fired its employees
  • Glovo and Deliveroo say that the next frontier for their companies is to complete deliveries in less than 30 minutes. I guess this could make sense for certain product categories, mostly groceries and supermarket products
  • You gotta love lagaam's transparency. The fashion startup wrote a blog post about their marketing strategy, including conversion numbers and other interesting tidbits
  • El Referente published an interview and profile of Peoople, the social sharing app that has accumulated more than 6m registered users
  • Ecommerce company TradeInn expects ro reach 20m in orders this year and more than €250m in sales
  • Prisa to integrate Sherpa's AI technology to customise reader's experience
  • Startup profiles: MeteEnCasa, LeanStocks, Alan

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Big company news 🏦

  • Fashion brand Mango expects to close 2020 with €800m in online sales, 40% more than last year
  • Netflix announced that it will start invoicing clients from its Spanish subsidiary, instead of the Dutch one that it's been using up until now. However, this doesn't mean that the company will have to pay higher local taxes, since that depends on transfer pricing
  • The Spanish government assigned a two year contract to Indra to continue to look after the development and improvement of Radar Covid. No other company was allowed to opt to win the contract. Sounds fishy to me!

Interesting reads 🤓

  • Expansion published a long profile of François Derbaix, co-founder of Indexa Capital and Bewater Funds. The article focuses both on Derbaix's career as an entrepreneur and business angel
  • Samuel Gil of JME wrote 'The economy of abundance'
  • Imanol Torres, head of data at Eroski, wrote about Facebook and Instagram's shopping strategy: 'Why Facebook wants to open stores'
  • elDiario published a profile of Juan Luis Aguilera, a lawyer that's behind a series of lawsuits against Amazon and whose clients (providers of the ecommerce giant) request more than €3.5m in deferred payments

Podcasts 🎧

  • Novicap interviewed Jesus Monleon (SeedRocket 4Founders)
  • Growth Hacking Course interviewed Bernat Farrero (Itnig, Factorial)
  • Finanzia interviewed Antonio Cantalapiedra (Woonivers)
  • El Referente interviewed Ander Michelena (All Iron)