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Details of MasMovil and Freepik M&A deals. K Fund launches new fund. NPAW sells 25% stake for €13m.

June 8, 2020 • Issue #220

¿Estás pensando en emprender pero necesitas reforzar tus conocimientos sobre tecnología y negocio digital para poder salir con un proyecto solvente?

El 22% de los alumnos de ISDI, la primera escuela de negocios nativa digital, lanza una startup tras terminar sus programas.

La transformación de un profesional requiere tiempo y esfuerzo. Con el MIB, el primer máster integral de negocio digital, gestionarás proyectos de planificación estratégica con empresas reales, y pondrás todo en práctica creando y lanzando tu propio ecommerce con inversión real.

En ISDI acompañamos a los proyectos durante todo su proceso gracias a nuestra red de mentores, emprendedores, comunicación, programas de incubación y acceso a un club de inversión. Algunas de las Startups creadas por alumnos tras finalizar su formación en ISDI son: Reclamador, Healthia, Chipi, Making Ideas Business, Trip 4 Real y Naak.

Si quieres saber más sobre el MIB, apúntate a la sesión online en directo que tendrá lugar el 25 de junio.

Startup funding news 💸

  • Spanish startups raised a combined €71 million in May according to El Referente
  • Barcelona-based video analytics startup Nice People At Work sold a 25% stake to Suma Capital for €13 million
  • Barcelona-based biotech company Accure Therapeutics raised €7.6 million
  • Valencia-based hyperloop startup Zeleros closes €7 million funding round led by French investor Altran
  • Barcelona-based pet startup Dinbeat raised €500,000 to launch human healthtech
  • Madrid-based wellness marketplace Fixme raised €145,000 from The Venture City

M&A activity 🎊

  • The offer to acquire MasMovil for between €3 to €5 billion was officially announced early last week. Here's a short profile of CEO Meinrad Spenger, as well as more details from a regulatory perspective and the possibility of the deal receiving green light from the Spanish government and CNMV
  • Xataka talked to Joaquin Cuenca of Freepik about the recent acquisition of a majority stake by EQT. Joaquin says that they received 16 offers from other players during the process, that the founding team will continue to operate the company and also talked about things they did well and not in the past few years to achieve growth

Investor & accelerator news 🚀

  • We've got news at K Fund! We're launching a new €70 million fund to invest in early stage Spanish startups
  • Banco Santander injected €26 million of fresh capital into Santander InnoVentures, its Venture Capital arm. The firm has invested more than $140 million into more than 30 startups in the past few years
  • Sevilla-based business angel Tom Horsey is planning to launch a €40 million investment vehicle to back startups. In an interview he said he has commitments of up to €17 million
  • Spain’s top women investors: Sifted asked some of Spain’s leading women in the investment sector about their track record on diversity

Startup news 💡

  • Google for Startups program for startups impacted by the crisis, Startup School:Restart, continues this week with a new series of online sessions with international experts from Google and entrepreneurs from the ecosystem like Eloi Gómez or Jaime Guitart
  • Girona-based ecommerce company Tradeinn announced plans to surpass €250 million in sales this year, up from €188 million last year
  • Ariel Camus of Microverse published a long post about the future of work and learning
  • According to La Informacion, Spotahome has plans to cut expenses up to 80% to navigate the current crisis, which would imply shutting down its offices outside of Spain and letting go some of the senior talent that they hired in the past couple of years
  • PC Componentes said that during the confinement sales grew by 300% compared to the same period a year ago. According to Gfk, 1 out of every 4 laptops bought in Spain during the period were bought on PC Componentes. The Murcia-based company surpassed €400 million in sales last year.
  • As companies and employees try to avoid public transportation in current times, Cabify expects to rely more on its B2B business division
  • Benefits management platform Cobee is expanding into the UK to support companies at a time when employee satisfaction is one of the most pressing challenges
  • La Voz de Galicia profiled Netex, an edtech company out of Coruña that has developed various products to deliver digital learning in companies and academic institutions. Netex posted an EBITDA of €2 million in 2019 and expects to surpass €10 million in sales this year
  • Home buying startup Housfy announced plans to also enter the rental market
  • Barcelona-based Wisar launched, a new service that allows freelancers to find jobs faster overseeing multiple freelance work platforms in parallel
  • El Pais interviewed Juan Margenat, co-founder of Marfeel, to talk about how covid-19 is affecting its company and the advertising market, as well as other topics
  • AI startup AllRead to bring its tracking technology to Algeciras' port

Big company news 🏦

  • Swedish gaming studio Paradox Interactive to create new studio in Barcelona
  • Madrid Content City lays symbolic first stone for five more studios, film-TV campus

Tech and policy 💂🏼‍♂️

  • The City of Barcelona awards 19 micromobility licenses — but not for e-scooters. Notably, e-scooter sharing platforms are still not welcome in the city
  • Spain's so-called Google Tax aimed at large tech companies continues its path. The same applies to the consideration of Glovo or Deliveroo riders as employees and not contractors, which the government wants to achieve before the end of the summer
  • The EU announced Gaia-x, an initiative of various member states and cloud providers to collaborate to compete against AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and other foreign providers. Gigas is the only Spanish company to be included in the initiative

Interesting reads 🤓

  • Javier Escribano of Ontruck interviewed Luisja Alvarez of Telefonica about how their product teams work with multiple countries and brands, and how they prepare their quarterly roadmaps
  • Javier Cañada of Tramontana published 'You don't learn design by designing'
  • David Stanete of Creditas Tech published 'Dos and Don'ts for a Product Engineering team'
  • Jose del Barrio of Samaipata wrote 'Covid-19 — the great accelerator. Chapter one: Impact on the ‘Tech Cold War’'
  • Samuel Gil of JME wrote 'The metrics trap', about data-driven vs. data-informed decisions

Podcasts 🎧

  • Development studio Marsbased announced the launch of its own podcast, Life on Mars about technology, innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Jordi Altimira interviewed Bernat Farrero of Itnig, Camalloon and Factorial, as well as Jordi Safont of Lanzame Capital
  • Code On The Rocks interviewed Isabel Vilacides (Github) y Coque Vas (Just Eat) to talk about management
  • Itnig interviewed Javier Darriba of Bloobirds
  • interviewed Jiaqi Pan of Landbot and Bernat Farrero
  • K Fund interviewed Lina Chong of Target Global