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eSports team raised €3m. Woom raised €2m. Microverse’s ISA methodology.

May 25, 2020 • Issue #218

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Startup funding news 💸

  • Malaga-based eSports team Giants Gaming raised €3 million
  • Madrid-based WOOM lands €2 million to boost its femtech health solutions, led by BrightCap Ventures
  • Madrid-based raised €600,000 from DraperB1 and Encomenda Smart Capital
  • Barcelona-based home and office security startup Akiles raised €600,000 from Meridia Capital
  • Security startup Datos101 raised €300,000 from Bewater Funds and Faraday
  • Boat travel startup Sailwiz raised €155,000

Investor & accelerator news 🚀

  • Bilbao-based VC All Iron Ventures participated in the $2.8 million round of Brazilian startup Zenklub
  • Aquilino Peña of Kibo Ventures is the new president of ASCRI
  • Telefonica announced a new initiative of its Open Future program in Ceuta
  • Samuel Gil of JME published 'Playing with LTV/CAC' in his weekly Suma Positiva newsletter

Startup news 💡

  • Google also recently unveiled #SeguimosEmprendiendo, a series of video stories from startups in their community that had to redefine their businesses and launched support initiatives due to the COVID19 crisis. First 2 videos featuring Adopta un Abuelo and IDOVEN are out.
  • Cabify says that it posted a net profit of €2.7m in the first six months of 2019
  • Xataka published an in-depth profile of Microverse, the edtech startup that doesn't charge any money to students. The company instead operates under an income share agreement program, which means that sudents pay 15% of their salaries to Microverse
  • La Informacion continued its coverage of the Scytl liquidation by looking at the €25m the company owes to Spanish government and public entities
  • Vepee, the French company that acquired Privalia, said that Spanish revenues reached €433m in 2020 and expects growth to continue in 2020 despite covid-19
  • Blockchain powered community management platform Aragon introduced Aragon Agreements
  • El Referente profiled pricing intelligence startup Optimus Price. CEO Carlos Fellonosa talks in the article about how the company has actually grown during the current crisis
  • B2B marketing consultancy agency Ivicuo published two articles comparing various features of Hubspot and Pardot, lead scoring and email marketing
  • Expansion profiled fashion and ecommerce brand Stay Huble Or Not, which produces clothes using old fishing nets
  • CARTO wrote a coupleof interesting articles about indoor mapping and software: 'Why precision matters in indoor mapping software' and 'Workplace social distancing with indoor mapping software'
  • Startup profiles: Cobee

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Big company news 🏦

  • Most Spanish telcos are promoting remote work until at least the end of August
  • The first wave of Uber layoffs did not affect its Spanish office, but it seems as if the second round of layoffs will indeed affect operations in Spain
  • Two months into quarantine, Spain is more digitalized than ever
  • El Confidencial detailed its plans to introduce a new paid subscription model in the next few weeks

Tech and policy 💂🏼‍♂️

  • It seems as if the Spanish government will finally adopt Apple and Google's proposed system and APIs to track covid-19 cases, starting with the Canary Islands

Interesting reads 🤓

  • Expansion interviewed Iñaki Arrola (, K Fund) about the current business climate in Spain and how he believes it could affect entrepreneurship and the tech sector
  • David Bonilla of Manfred published an interesting piece about remote work: 'I'm not doing remote work and most probably you aren't either'
  • Mauricio Prieto, co-founder of eDreams, published 'The greatest startup accelerator? COVID-19 could trigger a wave of startup expansion'
  • Javier Escribano, CPO at Ontruck, wrote 'Commitments, deadlines and plannings'
  • Xataka talked to various developers and people who work remotely about tips and advice when it comes to finding remote jobs
  • Consultancy firm Findasense published a report about the future of consumption and production post covid-19

Podcasts 🎧

  • Jordi Altimira interviewed various fintech entrepreneurs and investors about the future of the local industry, featuring Kantox, Nemuru and Novicap
  • interviewed Wences Garcia and Yaye Caceres of
  • K Fund interviewed Jaime Bosch, CEO of Voicemod, about the world of eSports and gaming
  • interviewed Ana Izquierdo of Talent Clue
  • Daniel Oliver, CEO of Capital Cell, spoke about equity crowdfunding and biotech
  • Jesus Perez Llano, CEO of TedCas, talked about cognitive intelligence