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Stay home. Multiple covid-19 initiatives from startups. ENISA paused.

March 23, 2020 • Issue #209

El canal digital no puede fallar ahora. Digital55 puede ayudarte a resolver los problemas que se están planteando en estos momentos en las empresas:

- Poner en marcha sites informativos para empleados y clientes en tiempo récord. - Reforzar tus sistemas con el soporte remoto de los mejores profesionales. - Crear un entorno de teletrabajo para el equipo técnico y empleados. - Externalizar el mantenimiento de tus sistemas operativos. - Evitar problemas de concurrencia y mejora de la performance en las páginas web y aplicaciones corporativas. - Rescate de proyectos problemáticos.

Desde hace más de diez años colaboramos con grandes empresas y startups en fase avanzadas de crecimiento.

Coronavirus startup initiatives 💪🏻

  • Various Spanish startups and corporates launched Coronamadrid, an app and website to help those with coronavirus symptoms get a first opinion on their situation
  • Another initiative that's a result of employees from various Spanish startups is CitaMedicaEnCasa, which connects citizens with voluntary doctors to alleviate the national health system
  • Tha maker community is also running lots of projects to help produce masks, ventilators and other medical equipment. Here are a couple of interesting articles about what's going on
  • HR software startup Factorial announced that they are making their free trial period unlimited for as long as the current situation lasts
  • High quality graphene producer, Graphenea, is offering free graphene to all those performing research on treatment and diagnosis of Covid-19
  • SocialDiabetes announced that its platform for monitoring diabetes patients will be free for six months
  • Various educational platforms announced significant discounts in the past few days: Capaball, MenteLista,
  • Here's a couple of additional lists with more promotions and initiatives

Startup funding news 💸

  • Barcelona-based health tech startup Qrem raised a €1 million round led by Inveready
  • Barcelona-based edtech startup Fiction Express raised €600,000 via Ship2b
  • Madrid-based fashion startup La Mas Mona raised €400,000 via Fellow Funders
  • Navarra-based Nucaps Nanotechnology raised €400,000
  • Madrid-based foodtech startup Wetaca raised new funding

M&A activity 🎊

  • Italian firm Gellify, which specialises in investing in startups and connecting them to corporates, acquired Spanish complimentary firm BIBA Venture Partners

Investor & accelerator news 🚀

  • Covid-19 is affecting lots of sectors in our economy, even those that depend on the government. According to El Confidencial, ENISA's loans are paused for now and won't reach the bank accounts of startups for the time being
  • Israeli hospitality startup Pruvo closed a $1.1 million seed round amid coronavirus outbreak. The round was led by SeedRocket 4Founders
  • Elcorreo interviewed Tom Horsey, one of the more active business angels in Sevilla and Andalucia

Startup news 💡

  • NoviCap, which helps companies unlock cash stuck in outstanding invoices, announced that in 2019 it processed more than €200 million through its invoice discounting platform
  • Talent agency Manfred published its February 2020 financials
  • As a result of the impact of covid-19 and according to El Confidencial, Cabify has had to perform an ERTE to lower costs
  • Clevernet, a Barcelona-based company developer of WAN optimization solutions, announced Clevernet Remote, a high-performance WAN teleworking solution for organizations to empower its remote workers
  • Foreign exchange automation platform Kantox is calling on firms that work with the travel industry to not hoard cash to help save their partners from collapse
  • Multiple ecommerce startups have had to temporarily shut down due to covid-19. Here are the announcements made by Minimalism and Pompeii
  • Startup profiles: Smile and Learn, Trabeja

Digital55 es una consultora nativa digital que colabora con empresas en proceso de transformación digital. Apoyamos a las grandes empresas en su proceso de transformación digital. Nuestros desarrolladores son especialistas en programación web y móvil usando frameworks de Javascript: Angular, React o Node y otras tecnologías web.

Aportamos personal formado en las últimas tecnologías a los departamentos de tecnología e innovación de las grandes empresas: Project managers, lead developers, ingenieros de sistemas y programadores con diferentes niveles de experiencia.

Aplicamos las mejores prácticas en el desarrollo de plataformas digitales innovadoras, utilizando metodologías ágiles de desarrollo, con un control de calidad muy estricto y un enfoque de creación de producto lean de menos a más.

Big company news 🏦

  • Cinco Dias interviewed Isaac Hernandez, director of Google Cloud in Iberia. He talks about the competitive environment, Google's probable data centre plans in Spain and adoption of cloud services by Spanish companies
  • Amazon says it's looking to hire more than 1,500 people in Spain due to high demand in the current lockdown situation

Interesting reads 🤓

  • Samuel Gil (JME) wrote 'Cruzando el abismo' in his Suma Positiva newsletter

Podcasts 🎧