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VMWare acquired Bitnami. Muroexe raised €1m. Deporvillage reaches €45m in sales and profitability. Lanzadera has 28 new startups.

July 7, 2019 • Issue #164

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Tienen una larga experiencia contratando SDRs (Sales Development Representative) y Market Research, roles vitales para escalar este tipo de empresas. Su dedicación exclusiva a ellos les permite ser la mejor opción para reclutar bien estos roles, que son muy importantes por ser el primer punto de contacto con el mercado de muchas compañías SaaS B2B.

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Startup funding news 💸

  • Polishg healthcare booking platform DocPlanner raised an €80 million Series E round. The company is not 100% Spanish, but it did merge with Barcelona-based doctoralia three years ago, converting several of the founders and investors of the latter in shareholders of DocPlanner
  • Ecommerce startup Muroexe raised €1 million from JME and Andreas Mihalovits
  • Certification and trazability startup Vottun raised €200,000 from Bbooster Ventures
  • Mobile payments startup Reloadly raised €100,000 from Bbooster Ventures
  • According to a study, Catalan biotech companies raised a combined €106 million last year, a new record

Startup exits 🎊

  • VMWare announced the acquisition of Bitnami. Bitnami was one of the first Spanish startups to go through Y Combinator’s program, has a big engineering office in Sevilla and is co-founded by Spaniard Daniel Lopez and Erica Brescia
  • Very interesting post by Jesus Monleon (Seedrocket4Founders) about his experience going through startup merges. He specifically talks about the cases of Groupalia/Offerum, Chicfy/Trendier and Glamourum/JolieBox

Investor & accelerator news 🚀

  • Aquilino Peña of Kibo Ventures named vicepresident of ASCRI
  • Caixabank’s contest Emprendedor XXI to give €25,000 to six startups that it considers to have high potential: Seacliq, GlyCardial Diagnostics, Huub, Predictiva, Tracer and Feltwood
  • Valencia-based Lanzadera announced the name of 28 new companies that have joined its accelerator program
  • According to Universo Crowdfunding, crowdfunding contributions reached €159 million in 2018, +57% compared to previous year. Crowdlending accounted for €69 million, real estate crowdfunding reached €39 million and equity crowdfunding €25 million
  • Wayra Barcelona launches second edition of its co-investment day, an initiative that aims to invest up to €1 million in various “mature” startups
  • Accelerator program Conector signed a partnership with coworking company Loom to launch a series of events and conferences in its space

Startup news 💡

  • El Confidencial has a long profile of Deporvillage, the Catalan ecommerce company that started in 2010, has reached €45 million in sales and is profitable
  • El Pais published a short profile of urban room rentals platform Badi. After starting in Barcelona and Madrid, the company is now active in London, Paris and Rome and expects to launch in Berlin this year
  • La Informacion says that Cabify is trying to raise a new big round. The company is apparently selling to investors the idea that it has better economics than Uber or Lyft. Both American companies are currently being heavily punished in the US stock market after IPOing in the past few weeks
  • There’s a new (crazy) law in Spain requiring employees of companies to write down how many hours per day they’re working. A few startups have built solutions for this, including Factorial, Woffu or Sesame Time
  • El Español wrote about Barcelona-based online voting platform Scytl, as it gets ready to become an essential part in the 26M European and local elections
  • Uptodown is a startup that has built an alternative to Google Play. The Spanish company claims to have more than 485 million monthly downloads and makes €4 million in ad revenues
  • Barcelona-based money saving app Goin launched in Italy, its first international market
  • Forbes published an interview with Laura Urquizu , CEO of Barcelona-based company RedPoints
  • Madrid-based neobank Bnext launched its own P2P money transfer service, called Bpay. It will compete against alternatives such as Bizum or Twyp
  • Hawkers continues to complement its sunglasses business with the launch of as many as 11 retail opticians this year
  • El Español interviewed the founders of Loopas, a contact lense subscription service. The founders claim to have sold €700,000 worth of contacts in its first year of operations
  • Startup profiles:
  • Shopery: ecommerce and marketplace SaaS builder

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Big company news 🏦

  • Movistar launched Movistar Car, a new service to bring 4G connectivity to Spanish cars that costs €3/month
  • Correos announced the launch of Correos Market, a kind of competitor to Amazon that aims to bring local producers and sellers closer to consumers
  • A Valencia-based restaurant is asking TripAdvisor for €600,000 in damages due to various negative reviews on the platform. The restaurant says that there should be a way for the business to be delisted from TripAdvisor
  • RTVE, Spain’s national TV, wants to launch a new version of its video on-demand service. Companies such as El Corte Ingles, Deloitte or Telefonica are fighting for the €300,000 contract

Tech and policy 💂🏼

  • Escooter companies are not too happy with Madrid’s government license distribution, saying that it has caused users to use their services less instead of more

Interesting reads 🤓

  • According to a study, Spanish companies that in the 1990 to 2016 period decidede to bet on automation and robotics increased their employee base by 10%
  • Tinybird: ’Typical challenges of building your data layer. Things we’ve learnt from dozens of growing companies
  • JC Taunay Bucalo (Chief Commercial Officer at Travelperk): ’Top 8 tips to set up a successful remote office

Podcasts of the week 🎧

  • K Fund interviewed Albert Nieto and Jorge Poyatos, co-founders of in-image advertising startup Seedtag
  • Itnig interviewed Eduardo Manchon, co-founder of Panoramio (sold to Google) and now CEO at Mailtrack
  • interviewed Carlos Maribona and Joaquín Mencía of dark kitchen startup Keatz
  • Faraday Venture Partners interviewed Carlos Trenchs, director of Caixabank’s DayOne
  • Lunes Inspiradores interviewed Ruben Gonzalez, CEO and co-founder of Raw Super Drink