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Housers is looking for €5m. Glovo's riders should be considered as employees in Valencia. Reports say that Carto to announce a new CEO

July 7, 2019 • Issue #145

Minimalism somos una marca española pensada para esa generación de personas con una forma de ver y vivir la vida de manera minimalista. No nos atamos a objetos y cosas que no sean útiles, vivimos con lo que realmente necesitamos para no condicionar nuestro futuro. Vivimos, sentimos y trabajamos hoy para tener un futuro libre diseñado por nosotros. Empezamos lanzando una cartera y una mochila con las que trabajar, entrenar y viajar. Tenemos descuento en nuestra web hasta Reyes y aquí todos nuestras datos de facturación, tráfico, conversión y canales de venta.

Startup funding news 💸

  • Following the departure of one of its co-founders, real estate crowdfunding platform Housers is looking for €5 million in funding. The company says it expects to close 2018 with €3 million in revenues

Startup exits 🎊

  • According to El Referente, in 2018 there were 34 exits in Spain, which you can find here

Investor & accelerator news 🚀

  • Bewater Funds, the secondary market to buy and sell shares of private startups, launched a specific €700,000 fund to invest in home caring platform Cuidum

Startup news 💡

  • According to El Español, Madrid-based geolocation startup Carto will announce a new CEO in mid January
  • Peoople, the Madrid-based mobile app for personal recommendations, has joined TheVentureCity’s Growth Accelerator
  • RevenueCat is a San Francisco-based startup that offers an API for managing in-app subscriptions, is co-founded by Spaniard Miguel Carranza (CTO). Last week Indie Hackers published an interesting interview with RevenueCat’s CEO about the company’s growth in the past few months: ’My journey from unemployed to entrepreneur and Y Combinator alum
  • La Voz de Galicia published a profile of Frankie the King, a Vigo-based ecommerce startup that produces and sells its own pet food

Big company news 🏦

  • Mutua Madrileña launched Eme, a virtual assistant based on Dialogflow to provide customer support and other types of transactions to its clients

Tech and policy 💂🏼

  • A ‘Labour Inspection’ in Valencia against Glovo has ruled that more than 200 of its delivery people in the city should be legally considered employees of the company, instead of contractors
  • Escooter company Lime was recently banned by Madrid’s local government. As a counter measure, the US based company is quickly expanding in several other smaller cities in Spain
  • Owners of at least 12,000 of VTC licenses are requesting the government to change its regulation plans that will go into effect in a few years

Interesting reads 🤓

  • 20 Barcelona startups to watch in 2019
  • Emprendedores talked to Miguel Arias (former COO of Carto, now at Wayra) about his career and his current role at Telefonica
  • Diego Mariño (ex-Ducksboard/New Relic): ’Finance 101 for product companies
  • Elena Alfaro (Global Head of Data & Open Innovation at BBVA): ’A useful way for banks and fintech startups to collaborate

Podcasts of the week 🎧