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eCooltra raises €10m. scooters get banned all around Spain. Wallapop has a new CEO.

July 7, 2019 • Issue #129

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Startup funding news 💸

  • Motorbike sharing platform eCooltra raised €10 million to continue its national and international expansion
  • Real estate startup Protopiso raised €4.5 million in venture debt financing from Inveready, Sabadell Venture Capital and other private investors
  • Another company operating in the space space, Housfy raised €2 million, in a round led by Seaya Ventures
  • Lingerie ecommerce startup Black Limba raised €1.5 million from Hugo Arevalo, Felix Ruiz and other investors
  • Jobin, a marketplace for professional services, raised funding from industry player Multiasistencia and business angels such as Bernardo Hernandez
  • Osoigo, a platform to promote citizen participation, raised €160,000

Startup exits 🎊

  • Hipertextual talked to Alberto Gomez, founder of Adara Ventures, about the firm’s recent exit with AlienVault being acquired by AT&A

Investor & accelerator news 🚀

  • Interview with Ricard Castellet about the plans to expand Barcelona Tech City and how it might evolve in the next few years

Startup news 💡

  • Agustin Gomez, co-founder of Wallapop, is no longer the CEO of the mobile classifieds company. He will be replaced by Rob Cassedy, former director at eBay Germany
  • El Pais wrote a short profile of Smartick, the Madrid-based edtech startup and talked to one of its co-founders, Javier Arroyo. In 2017 La Informacion wrote a good piece on the company, which at the time had 11,000 clients and €5 million in recurrent revenue with no outside financing
  • La Informacion published details about Cabify’s governance. Apparently, the company controls two board seats, which could give it independence in critical matters in the near future. The company says that it could go public in the Spanish stock exchange in 2020
  • TechCrunch wrote about the car sharing wars in Latam and the current position of the various companies that operate in the market, including Cabify
  • Filmin, the Spanish startup that offers a VOD product for indie movies, is looking to raise funding from investors and industry players to advance in its expansion plans. The company just posted its first profit in 10 years, with revenues of more than €2.5 million
  • Foodtech startup Wetaca announced new hirings, including a CTO and a head chef, to continue to expand its weekly meal delivery service
  • Jorge Diaz (formerly of Ticketbis) is the co-founder of TracerHQ and, a new ticketing startup that wants to put and end to secondary ticket sales using blockchain
  • Top Optimized Technologies (TOT), a startup that designs network solutions for telco, is suing Vodafone for breach of contract and plagiarism. Various current and former executives of Vodafone Spain are set to testify in a Spanish court this week. TOT is asking Vodafone for more than €500 million in damages
  • El Pais wrote a profile of Raixer, a startup that sells smart lock systems for companies
  • Wuabit is a new crypto wallet built on top of Whatsapp
  • Iñaki Soriano and Adrian Gomez, formerly of Hawkers, disclosed plans to invest €500,000 in an eSports Centre in Elche

Big company news 🏦

  • Inditex announced plans to start selling in every single country by 2020, regardless of whether the company has stores in those countries
  • Cinco Dias has a short profile on the Data&Analytics division of BBVA, which has grown from 6 engineers to more than 50 in a few years
  • La Informacion has details of the financial performance of LinkedIn and Twitter in Spain last year. Both companies saw a decrease in revenue
  • Acciona plans to launch a fleet of more than 1,200 electric bikes in Madrid. Is there space for sooooo many companies doing basically the same thing with minor differences?

Tech and policy 💂🏼

  • Valencia’s local government banned Lime scooters in the city. Apparently, the city is about to pass legislation that will require Lime and similar companies to obtain a license prior to freeing up their scooters in the city streets. El Confidencial wrote about the plans of various Spanish cities to regulate the sector
  • Unauto, the association that groups multiple VTC-related companies, said that current regulation might affect more than 15,000 jobs in the VTC industry

Interesting reads 🤓

  • Xataka published an interesting piece about the current rate of adoption of robotics in Spanish companies, including the opinion of Angel Hernandez, CEO of robotics startup Fetch Robotics. As in many other sectors, the country seems to be in good shape but not in a ‘follower’ position
  • FastCompany wrote a profile of Virus Total, the cybersecurity startup Google acquired a few years ago: ’How an antivirus search engine plays into Alphabet’s security ambitions
  • Wired published its annual list of the hottest startups in Barcelona
  • Javier Escribano (Ontruck): ’People initiatives to grow from 3 to 130 employees in 3 years

Podcasts of the week 🎧

  • K Fund interviewed Lupina Iturriaga, CEO of fintech startup Fintonic
  • Christopher Janz, founder of VC firm Point Nine Capital participated in a podcast from Chartmogul. In the podcast, Christopher said that “the only B2B SaaS company where we’ve seen exponential growth is Typeform, because they have this built-in viral loop”
  • En.Digital interviewed Ana Asuero of Aplazame to talk about marketing automation in B2B SaaS
  • Video: B2B SaaS Sales — challenges and differences between selling to SMBs and enterprise customers, featuring ForceManager, RedPoints and Kantox
  • Itnig interviewed Tomas Diez, founder of FabLab Barcelona