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The Hotels Network raised $3.7m. Jenaro Garcia (Gowex) gives first interview. Just Eat reaches 1m orders in one month.

July 7, 2019 • Issue #109

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Startup funding news 💸

  • The Hotels Network closed a $3.7 million Series A round led by Seaya Ventures
  • Hutoma raised €1.2 million from Athos Capital and The Crowd Angel
  • Interactive video startup PlayFilm raised €1.1 million from various investors

Investor & accelerator news 🚀

  • Spain announced new measures to make life easier for Venture Capital and Private Equity firms
  • Toby Oliver, former CTO of Typeforn, joins K Fund
  • Gabriel Andres Cortina is Wayra Mexico’s new director
  • Switzerland’s largest innovation accelerator is looking for Spanish startups
  • Galician startup accelerator ViaVigo announced the name of the companies to join its latest batch
  • Legal firm Delvy has integrated with IP protection firm Mac et Bel

Startup news 💡

  • Kippel01 interviewed Diego Sebastián, co-founder of Hawkers. The interview mostly focuses on Hawkers retail and omnichannel strategy. The company is about to open an office in Brasil and expects to have more than 40 physical stores by the end of 2018
  • Tediber is a French startup that sells mattresses online in Spain. The company expects to reach sales of €30 million this year in France, Italy and Spain
  • El Pais has an overview of the Spanish proptech market. Expansion published a similar piece, but focused on the legaltech sector
  • Typeform has opened a new partner program to establish a closer relationship with other software providers
  • Roboadvisor platform Indexa Capital announced that it has more than 4,000 clients, 2X the amount the company expected to have by now
  • La Vanguardia published a profile of digital marketing company Viko, which not only provides consulting services to firms, but also sells its own marketing software
  • Token platform Securitize named Carlos Domingo as CEO
  • Interview with Andres Casal and Efren Vazquez, co-founders of food tech startup Wetaca
  • Spanish AI startup Gestoos wins Japan’s NTT data open innovation contest
  • Startup profile(s): ThePowerMBA (edtech)

Big company news 🏦

  • UberEats is once again active in Barcelona. The company also expects to launch its food delivery service in Zaragoza this month
  • El Corte Inglés wants to collaborate with other European ecommerce platforms to compete against Amazon; the firm also wants taxes and regulation to affect all players equally
  • Kippel01 talked to Marcos Alves of El Tenedor about the recent performance of the company in the Spanish market and its plans for the near future. El Tenedor reached sales of €16.3 million in Spain in 2016
  • Workers at Madrid’s Amazon distribution centre aim to organise a European-wide strike in the fall
  • Customer service representatives who work for Deliveroo in Spain are also complaining about their working conditions, following complains from riders a few months back
  • Food delivery platform Just Eat established a new record in Spain, reaching 1 million deliveries in just 30 days for the first time ever
  • Asian gaming juggernaut IGG to open its European headquarters in Barcelona. The company expects to hire up to 60 employees in the Catalan city this year
  • MasMovil wants to complete a stock split

Tech and policy 💂🏼

  • Kippel01 interviewed Salvador Bellver, president of the Spanish drone association. The interview focuses on the regulation of the sector
  • It’s time to pay income taxes. Cinco Dias has a guide for those that own or mine cryptocurrencies to find out how to treat them. The Spanish tax office will also start to request information from more than 60 entities about ownership and transaction of cryptocurrencies

Interesting reads 🤓

  • The history of Inditex’s online strategy
  • Jenaro García, former founder and CEO of Gowex, gave his first interview ever since being arrested for fraud and lying to employees and shareholders
  • El Español published an overview of Google Campus: including a list of some of the most notable companies that have been based at the coworking space
  • Jose del Barrio (Samaipata Ventures): ’Defensibility in digital marketplaces: discussion at Samaipata London event

Podcasts of the week 🎧

  • K Fund interviewed Rosa Gutiérrez, programmer at Basecamp
  • CodelyTV interviewed Marc Monguió of Jobfluent to talk about the current state of the tech labour market in Spain
  • MasQueStartups interviewed Muroexe CEO Esmeralda Martín
  • Blockchain Minutes published the second part of its token and ICOs episode
  • Itnig interviewed serial entrepreneur Nacho Gonzalez Barros (Mailtrack)